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Card tags find cards by functions. A reference for the card tags can be found in the blog / documentation.
An integrated list will be added in a later version of this page.
Note that the color selector has two modes (the switch is found in the advanced options)
deckcolor (default)
Normally, you can click the colors that your deck has and the cards will match those colors. For example for a WHITE and RED deck, the cards found may be white, red, lands, artifacts (or colorless cards), multicolored and hybrid cards that are white and red (other multicolored cards will not be shown).
MULTI and the empty field will do the same - and search for colorless cards only (MULTI does not have a meaning in this search mode).
This search will use the mana cost of the card.
More strict, as this will look at each card individually and will show it if it is one of the chosen colors.
The empty field will find colorless cards (lands, artifacts).
This search uses a generic color code of the card.
You can chose more than one color by holding the CTRL key.
Performs a text search on the mana cost. For example "WW" finds cards costing "WW", "1WW", "2WWW" and so on.

0Some cards cost 0, some have no mana cost. This is not the same.
X...finds X in the mana cost.
(W/U)Hybrid is written like this.
(B/P)Phyrexian is written like this.
2(W/B)Umixture of Hybrid and normal mana cost
GU/4WUSplit cards are written like this.
Unusual items are disabled by default:
Unglued (UGL)
Unhinged (UNH)
Promo cards (PPR)
Card types
Ongoing Scheme
If you want to find them, you have to check this box.
The expansions are sorted in release date order, starting with the most recent set. You can type the sets code (usually three letters) to find sets or use the set search to find a set and click on cards to show the cards from that set (going back to this page).
This field may use ranged inputs. The divider is the "-" sign.
3cards with a value of 3
4-cards with a value of 4 or more
5-6cards with a value of 5 or 6
-7cards with a value of up to 7
Note that cards with "*" or "X" in the value will always be found.
These are the current formats. You can find more formats in the formats menu.

Go to All Formats, search for the Format and click on "Cards" to return to this page with the format selected.
Enter the card text or parts of the card text here. For cards not matching the given text, use the unequal selector (found in advanced options).
Mana symbols
{W}Mana costs in card text are written in curly brackets.
Hybrid and Phyrexian mana costs use a slash.
{T}Tap symbol
{S}, {Q}Snow mana, Untap symbol
references the card itself by name
CARDTYPEreferences the card itself by type ("creature" for a card that is a creature or "instant" for a card that is an instant)
NULLfinds cards where the text is empty
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Moonrise Intruder

Total cards: 38423
Total cardtags: 51994
Total cardties: 3825
Abilities listed: 37641
Oldest update: none

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