[5E] Fifth Edition


Set Information
3-Digit-Code for WUBRG / Gatherer:5E / 5E
Set Symbol:None / Roman-numeral five

Set Properties
Set Properties:Core Set
Tournament legal Set
White Border
Old Cardframe


Release Dates
Release Date:24.03.1997

Set Size

Totals of cards in Fifth Edition
Basic Lands:20
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Card Tags

Cardtags for 5E
Total Cards:449
Total Cardtags:1086
Ø per card:2,42
List Cardtags for 5E
Activated Abilities:164
Most frequent Abilities:
35Enchant creature
11CARDNAME enters the battlefield tapped.
10Draw a card at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep.
9First strike
9You may choose not to untap CARDNAME during your untap step.
7Enchant land
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Current Formats with 5E
All Formats with 5E
1. Legacy 27 Legacy Formats
2. Pauper 8 Pauper Formats
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Set Rating
Average Rating for 5E 15450 Votes
Cards in Rating434 of 449 Cards
Top 10 Cards in Fifth Edition
1. Dark Ritual (C) [5E] 119 Votes
2. Necropotence (R) [5E] 151 Votes
3. Hurkyl's Recall (R) [5E] 54 Votes
4. Brainstorm (C) [5E] 96 Votes
5. Counterspell (C) [5E] 69 Votes
6. Animate Dead (U) [5E] 51 Votes
7. Incinerate (C) [5E] 51 Votes
8. City of Brass (R) [5E] 61 Votes
9. Jokulhaups (R) [5E] 45 Votes
10. Stasis (R) [5E] 96 Votes
Bottom 10 Cards in Fifth Edition
449. Obelisk of Undoing (R) [5E] 69 Votes
448. Wooden Sphere (U) [5E] 32 Votes
447. Joven's Tools (U) [5E] 64 Votes
446. Sea Serpent (C) [5E] 69 Votes
445. Crystal Rod (U) [5E] 47 Votes
444. Blessed Wine (C) [5E] 75 Votes
443. Akron Legionnaire (R) [5E] 46 Votes
442. Coral Helm (R) [5E] 44 Votes
441. Amulet of Kroog (C) [5E] 46 Votes
440. Iron Star (U) [5E] 32 Votes

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