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War of the Spark Planeswalker Deck - Gideon, the Oathsworn

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
1 Bond of Discipline5Sorcery
mainWARUZezhou Chen
4 Charmed Stray1Creature
mainWARCChris Rahn
1 Command the Dreadhorde6Sorcery
3 Cruel Celebrant2Creature
mainWARUBastien L. Deharme
4 Desperate Lunge2Instant
mainWARCDeruchenko Alexander
2 Enforcer Griffin5Creature
mainWARCJohan Grenier
2 Gideon's Battle Cry4Sorcery
mainWARRZoltan Boros
3 Gideon's Company4Creature
mainWARUMilivoj Ćeran
1 Gideon, the Oathsworn6Planeswalker
mainWARMRKieran Yanner
1 Kaya, Bane of the Dead6Planeswalker
mainWARUMagali Villeneuve
3 Makeshift Battalion3Creature
mainWARCZoltan Boros
1 Oath of Kaya3Enchantment
mainWARRWesley Burt
3 Ob Nixilis's Cruelty3Instant
mainWARCIgor Kieryluk
12 Plains0LandmainM20LZoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
8 Swamp0LandmainM20LCliff Childs
2 Trusted Pegasus3Creature
mainWARCChris Rahn
1 Vampire Opportunist2Creature
mainWARCJason Rainville
1 War Screecher2Creature
mainWARCDan Scott
3 Ajani's Pridemate2Creature
mainM11USvetlin Velinov
4 Orzhov Guildgate0LandmainGTCCJohn Avon
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without basic lands
40 Cards

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