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#tagtaginfouses tagged cards
1 mana 21 11 Items
mana G 5Chromatic Lantern, Forest, Overgrown Tomb, Temple Garden
mana B 4Chromatic Lantern, Overgrown Tomb, Swamp, Watery Grave
mana R 4Chromatic Lantern, Mountain, Sacred Foundry, Steam Vents
mana U 4Chromatic Lantern, Island, Steam Vents, Watery Grave
mana W 4Chromatic Lantern, Plains, Sacred Foundry, Temple Garden
2 drawback 8 8 Items
drawback begins tapped 5Overgrown Tomb, Sacred Foundry, Steam Vents, Temple Garden, Watery Grave
drawback cast restriction 1Disdainful Stroke
drawback no block 1Maniacal Rage
drawback targets creature in combat 1Righteous Blow
3 pump 5 3 Items
pump power 3Maniacal Rage, Might of the Masses, Sure Strike
pump toughness 2Maniacal Rage, Might of the Masses
4 evasion 4 4 Items
evasion 3Maniacal Rage, Narcomoeba, Wee Dragonauts
evasion flying 1Skyknight Legionnaire
5 removal 3 3 Items
removal 3Dead Weight, Prey Upon, Righteous Blow
6 cost 2 2 Items
cost less 2Goblin Electromancer, Siege Wurm
7 damage 2 2 Items
damage creature 2Prey Upon, Righteous Blow
8 scale 2 2 Items
scale creature 1Might of the Masses
scale power 1Prey Upon
9 tribal 2 1 Item
tribal instant 1Goblin Electromancer
tribal sorcery 1Goblin Electromancer
10 trigger 2 2 Items
trigger enters the battlefield 1Ironshell Beetle
trigger to graveyard 1Narcomoeba
11 alternate casting 1 1 Item
alternate casting 1Narcomoeba
12 cast spell 1 1 Item
cast spell 1Wee Dragonauts
13 counter 1 1 Item
counter +1/+1 1Ironshell Beetle
14 counterspell 1 1 Item
counterspell 1Disdainful Stroke
15 first strike 1 1 Item
first strike creature 1Sure Strike
16 haste 1 1 Item
haste 1Skyknight Legionnaire
17 lifegain 1 1 Item
lifegain 1Child of Night
18 manafixing 1 1 Item
manafixing 1Chromatic Lantern
19 reach 1 1 Item
reach 1Hitchclaw Recluse
20 trample 1 1 Item
trample 1Siege Wurm

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