[SOM] Scars of Mirrodin

Set Information
3-Digit-Code for WUBRG / Gatherer:SOM / SOM
Development Codename:Lights
Set Symbol:Hexagon in circled hexagon

Set Properties
Set Properties:Expansion Set
Tournament legal Set
Black Border
New Cardframe
Release Dates
Release Date:01.10.2010
Totals of cards in Scars of Mirrodin
Mythic Rares:15
Basic Lands:20
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Cardtags for SOM
Total Cards:249
Total Cardtags:750
Ø per card:3,01
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Activated Abilities:106
Most frequent Abilities:
9Put a charge counter on CARDNAME.
7Draw a card.
6CARDNAME enters the battlefield with three charge counters on it.
5CARDNAME enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.
Card Connections
Current Formats with SOM
No current formats
All Formats with SOM
1. Modern 36 Modern Formats
2. Legacy 33 Legacy Formats
3. Extended 17 Extended Formats
4. Pauper 11 Pauper Formats
5. Standard 8 Standard Formats
6. Sealed 3 Sealed Formats
7. Block-Constructed 3 Block-Constructed Formats
8. Draft 3 Draft Formats
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Set Rating
Average Rating for SOM 23664 Votes
Cards in Rating234 of 249 Cards (94%)
Top 10 Cards in Scars of Mirrodin
1. Wurmcoil Engine (MR) [SOM] 415 Votes
2. Steel Hellkite (R) [SOM] 227 Votes
3. Memnite (U) [SOM] 333 Votes
4. Myr Battlesphere (R) [SOM] 206 Votes
5. Ratchet Bomb (R) [SOM] 142 Votes
6. Trinket Mage (U) [SOM] 132 Votes
7. Mindslaver (MR) [SOM] 160 Votes
8. Precursor Golem (R) [SOM] 175 Votes
9. Kuldotha Forgemaster (R) [SOM] 121 Votes
10. Leonin Arbiter (R) [SOM] 103 Votes
Bottom 10 Cards in Scars of Mirrodin
249. Scoria Elemental (C) [SOM] 127 Votes
248. Instill Infection (C) [SOM] 104 Votes
247. Fulgent Distraction (C) [SOM] 50 Votes
246. Razorfield Thresher (C) [SOM] 90 Votes
245. Trigon of Mending (U) [SOM] 68 Votes
244. Oxidda Daredevil (C) [SOM] 70 Votes
243. Vigil for the Lost (U) [SOM] 71 Votes
242. Corrupted Harvester (U) [SOM] 72 Votes
241. Dross Hopper (C) [SOM] 69 Votes
240. Moriok Reaver (C) [SOM] 55 Votes

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