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1078Glacial Fortress show 293 decks 3,68
946Negate show 422 decks 2,24
893Temple Garden show 238 decks 3,75
863Hallowed Fountain show 231 decks 3,74
822Thragtusk show 236 decks 3,48
778Lightning Bolt show 215 decks 3,62
773Overgrown Tomb show 208 decks 3,72
772Sunpetal Grove show 274 decks 2,82
687Celestial Colonnade show 179 decks 3,84
686Jace, the Mind Sculptor show 221 decks 3,1
685Blood Crypt show 189 decks 3,62
683Pillar of Flame show 264 decks 2,59
629Mana Leak show 169 decks 3,72
624Cavern of Souls show 269 decks 2,32
618Oblivion Ring show 309 decks 2
614Dragonskull Summit show 203 decks 3,02
609Misty Rainforest show 174 decks 3,5
589Duress show 225 decks 2,62
581Obstinate Baloth show 214 decks 2,71
574Rootbound Crag show 216 decks 2,66

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