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Gavin Verhey's Burn! - Modern

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
3 Grim Lavamancer1Creature
main2XMRMichael Sutfin
9 Mountain0LandmainUNDLRob Alexander
4 Lightning Bolt1Instant
mainM10CChristopher Moeller
2 Relic of Progenitus1Artifact
sideALACJean-Sébastien Rossbach
1 Ensnaring Bridge3Artifact
sideSTRPete Venters
4 Scalding Tarn0LandmainZENRPhilip Straub
4 Arid Mesa0LandmainZENRRaymond Swanland
4 Smash to Smithereens2Instant
sideSHMCPete Venters
4 Goblin Guide1Creature
mainZENRWarren Mahy
1 Blood Crypt0LandmainDISRRob Alexander
4 Molten Rain3Sorcery
sideMRDCHugh Jamieson
2 Blackcleave Cliffs0LandmainSOMRDave Kendall
4 Lava Spike1Sorcery
mainCHKCMark Tedin
4 Rift Bolt3Sorcery
mainTSPCMichael Sutfin
4 Searing Blaze2Instant
sideWWKCJames Paick
4 Vexing Devil1Creature
mainAVRRLucas Graciano
3 Ash Zealot2Creature
mainRTRREric Deschamps
4 Keldon Marauders2Creature
mainPLCCAlex Horley-Orlandelli
4 Hellspark Elemental2Creature
mainCONUJustin Sweet
4 Bump in the Night1Sorcery
mainISDCKev Walker
2 Shard Volley1Instant
mainMORCFranz Vohwinkel
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without basic lands
66 Cards

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