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8-man Draft Bochum

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CardnameCMC ▼Card typeMana cost ▼RatingExpRarityArtist
5 Forest0LandmainUNDLMark Poole
3 Mountain0LandmainUNDLRob Alexander
1 Rakdos Guildgate0LandmainRTRCEytan Zana
7 Swamp0LandmainUNDLMike Bierek
1 Transguild Promenade0LandmainRTRCNoah Bradley
1 Bellows Lizard1Creature
sideRTRCJack Wang
2 Cremate1Instant
sideGPTCPaolo Parente
1 Deathrite Shaman1Creature
mainRTRRSteve Argyle
1 Pithing Needle1Artifact
sideSOKRPete Venters
2 Urban Burgeoning1Enchantment
sideRTRCNic Klein
1 Ash Zealot2Creature
sideRTRREric Deschamps
1 Druid's Deliverance2Instant
sideRTRCDan Scott
1 Gatecreeper Vine2Creature
mainRTRCTrevor Claxton
1 Treasured Find2Sorcery
mainRTRUJason Chan
1 Ultimate Price2Instant
mainRTRUKarl Kopinski
1 Aerial Predation3Instant
3 Auger Spree3Instant
1 Cryptborn Horror3Creature
sideRTRRRichard Wright
1 Dreg Mangler3Creature
mainDDJUPeter Mohrbacher
2 Golgari Keyrune3Artifact
mainRTRUDaniel Ljunggren
1 Mind Rot3Sorcery
sidePOCSteve Luke
1 Stab Wound3Enchantment
mainRTRCScott Chou
1 Stonefare Crocodile3Creature
mainRTRCTomasz Jedruszek
2 Trestle Troll3Creature
mainRTRCPeter Mohrbacher
1 Viashino Racketeer3Creature
sideRTRCSlawomir Maniak
1 Ogre Jailbreaker4Creature
sideRTRCKarl Kopinski
1 Perilous Shadow4Creature
mainRTRCClint Cearley
2 Sluiceway Scorpion4Creature
mainRTRCSlawomir Maniak
1 Towering Indrik4Creature
mainRTRCLars Grant-West
1 Catacomb Slug5Creature
mainRTRCNils Hamm
1 Gobbling Ooze5Creature
sideRTRUJohann Bodin
2 Rubbleback Rhino5Creature
mainRTRCJohann Bodin
1 Spawn of Rix Maadi5Creature
sideRTRCMin Yum
1 Conjured Currency6Enchantment
sideRTRRSteve Argyle
1 Guild Feud6Enchantment
sideRTRRKarl Kopinski
1 Street Sweeper6Artifact Creature
1 Horncaller's Chant8Sorcery
sideRTRCEric Velhagen

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