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1 mana 29 15 Items
mana G 7Forest, Llanowar Elves, Manalith, Rupture Spire, Timber Gorge, Tranquil Expanse, Woodland Stream
mana U 6Island, Manalith, Meandering River, Rupture Spire, Submerged Boneyard, Woodland Stream
mana B 5Cinder Barrens, Manalith, Rupture Spire, Submerged Boneyard, Swamp
mana R 5Cinder Barrens, Manalith, Mountain, Rupture Spire, Timber Gorge
mana W 5Manalith, Meandering River, Plains, Rupture Spire, Tranquil Expanse
mana colorless 1Reliquary Tower
2 pump 18 12 Items
pump power 12Blanchwood Armor, Dragon Egg, Infernal Scarring, Inspired Charge, Knightly Valor, Make a Stand, Mighty Leap, Oakenform, Shivan Dragon, Sure Strike, Titanic Growth, Trumpet Blast
pump toughness 6Blanchwood Armor, Inspired Charge, Knightly Valor, Mighty Leap, Oakenform, Titanic Growth
3 trigger 16 15 Items
trigger enters the battlefield 7Gravedigger, Horizon Scholar, Knightly Valor, Omenspeaker, Pelakka Wurm, Reclamation Sage, Rupture Spire
trigger attack 2Infectious Horror, Windreader Sphinx
trigger to graveyard from battlefield 2Highland Game, Pelakka Wurm
trigger creature 1Mentor of the Meek
trigger creature dies 1Infernal Scarring
trigger deals combat damage 1Rogue's Gloves
trigger end of turn 1Djinn of Wishes
trigger lifegain 1Ajani's Pridemate
4 drawback 14 14 Items
drawback begins tapped 9Cinder Barrens, Diregraf Ghoul, Meandering River, Reassembling Skeleton, Rupture Spire, Submerged Boneyard, Timber Gorge, Tranquil Expanse, Woodland Stream
drawback discard 2Macabre Waltz, Tormenting Voice
drawback effect restriction 1Windreader Sphinx
drawback game state 1Phylactery Lich
drawback targets creature in combat 1Trumpet Blast
5 evasion 13 13 Items
evasion 9Djinn of Wishes, Dragon Egg, Gargoyle Sentinel, Ghostform, Horizon Scholar, Snapping Drake, Tectonic Rift, Volcanic Dragon, Windreader Sphinx
evasion flying 3Air Elemental, Mighty Leap, Shivan Dragon
evasion multiblock 1Boggart Brute
6 carddraw 10 10 Items
carddraw 10Anticipate, Bone to Ash, Divination, Infernal Scarring, Mentor of the Meek, Pelakka Wurm, Rogue's Gloves, Sift, Tormenting Voice, Windreader Sphinx
7 damage 10 6 Items
damage player 6Banefire, Guttersnipe, Infectious Horror, Lava Axe, Lightning Strike, Shock
damage creature 3Banefire, Lightning Strike, Shock
damage lifeloss 1Infectious Horror
8 bounce 8 2 Items
bounce artifact 2Disperse, Totally Lost
bounce creature 2Disperse, Totally Lost
bounce enchantment 2Disperse, Totally Lost
bounce planeswalker 2Disperse, Totally Lost
9 destroy 8 6 Items
destroy artifact 3Naturalize, Reclamation Sage, Smelt
destroy creature 2Murder, Plummet
destroy enchantment 2Naturalize, Reclamation Sage
destroy land 1Tectonic Rift
10 information 8 6 Items
information top card 4Djinn of Wishes, Horizon Scholar, Omenspeaker, Totally Lost
information bottom card 3Anticipate, Horizon Scholar, Omenspeaker
information hand 1Duress
11 cardfiltering 5 5 Items
cardfiltering 5Anticipate, Horizon Scholar, Macabre Waltz, Omenspeaker, Sift
12 removal 5 5 Items
removal 5Banefire, Lightning Strike, Murder, Plummet, Shock
13 change 4 3 Items
change color 1Rise from the Grave
change creature type 1Rise from the Grave
change handsize 1Reliquary Tower
change rules 1Crucible of Worlds
14 masspump 4 4 Items
masspump 4Death Baron, Inspired Charge, Make a Stand, Trumpet Blast
15 regrowth 4 4 Items
regrowth creature 2Gravedigger, Macabre Waltz
regrowth 1Recollect
regrowth land 1Crucible of Worlds
16 vanilla 4 4 Items
vanilla 4Centaur Courser, Fire Elemental, Oreskos Swiftclaw, Walking Corpse
17 control 3 3 Items
control creature 2Act of Treason, Switcheroo
control 1Rise from the Grave
18 counter 3 2 Items
counter +1/+1 1Ajani's Pridemate
counter charge 1Magistrate's Scepter
counter manipulation 1Magistrate's Scepter
19 counterspell 3 3 Items
counterspell creature 2Bone to Ash, Essence Scatter
counterspell 1Cancel
20 defender 3 2 Items
defender 2Gargoyle Sentinel, Wall of Vines
defender attack 1Gargoyle Sentinel
21 lifegain 3 3 Items
lifegain 3Child of Night, Highland Game, Pelakka Wurm
22 scale 3 3 Items
scale land 1Blanchwood Armor
scale player 1Infectious Horror
scale power 1Mentor of the Meek
23 tribal 3 2 Items
tribal dragon 1Dragon Egg
tribal skeleton 1Death Baron
tribal zombie 1Death Baron
24 alternate casting 2 2 Items
alternate casting 2Djinn of Wishes, Omniscience
25 cast spell 2 1 Item
cast spell instant 1Guttersnipe
cast spell sorcery 1Guttersnipe
26 discard 2 2 Items
discard 2Duress, Mind Rot
27 gaze 2 2 Items
gaze 2Daggerback Basilisk, Death Baron
28 haste 2 2 Items
haste 1Volcanic Dragon
haste creature 1Act of Treason
29 indestructible 2 2 Items
indestructible 1Phylactery Lich
indestructible creature 1Make a Stand
30 manafixing 2 2 Items
manafixing 2Omniscience, Scapeshift

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