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1 mana 26 15 Items
mana G 6Forest, Gilded Lotus, Hinterland Harbor, Llanowar Elves, Timber Gorge, Woodland Cemetery
mana R 6Clifftop Retreat, Gilded Lotus, Mountain, Skirk Prospector, Sulfur Falls, Timber Gorge
mana U 5Gilded Lotus, Hinterland Harbor, Island, Meandering River, Sulfur Falls
mana W 5Clifftop Retreat, Gilded Lotus, Isolated Chapel, Meandering River, Plains
mana B 4Gilded Lotus, Isolated Chapel, Swamp, Woodland Cemetery
2 drawback 10 10 Items
drawback begins tapped 7Clifftop Retreat, Hinterland Harbor, Isolated Chapel, Meandering River, Sulfur Falls, Timber Gorge, Woodland Cemetery
drawback effect restriction 1Rescue
drawback no block 1Aesthir Glider
drawback targets creature in combat 1Gideon's Reproach
3 bounce 5 1 Item
bounce artifact 1Rescue
bounce creature 1Rescue
bounce enchantment 1Rescue
bounce land 1Rescue
bounce planeswalker 1Rescue
4 sacrifice 5 5 Items
sacrifice creature 2Siege-Gang Commander, Skirk Prospector
sacrifice itself 2Skizzik, Tragic Poet
sacrifice artifact 1Sage of Lat-Nam
5 carddraw 4 4 Items
carddraw 4Divination, Gaea's Blessing, Opt, Sage of Lat-Nam
6 evasion 4 4 Items
evasion 3Aesthir Glider, Juggernaut, Thorn Elemental
evasion flying 1Serra Angel
7 trigger 4 4 Items
trigger end of turn 1Skizzik
trigger enters the battlefield 1Siege-Gang Commander
trigger to graveyard 1Gaea's Blessing
trigger upkeep 1Verdant Force
8 damage 3 2 Items
damage creature 2Gideon's Reproach, Siege-Gang Commander
damage player 1Siege-Gang Commander
9 regrowth 3 3 Items
regrowth 2Gaea's Blessing, Nature's Spiral
regrowth enchantment 1Tragic Poet
10 tap 3 1 Item
tap artifact 1Icy Manipulator
tap creature 1Icy Manipulator
tap land 1Icy Manipulator
11 anti-grave 2 2 Items
anti-grave 2Gaea's Blessing, Syncopate
12 haste 2 2 Items
haste 2Goblin Warchief, Skizzik
13 information 2 1 Item
information bottom card 1Opt
information top card 1Opt
14 removal 2 2 Items
removal 2Gideon's Reproach, Siege-Gang Commander
15 token 2 2 Items
token goblin 1Siege-Gang Commander
token saproling 1Verdant Force
16 tribal 2 2 Items
tribal goblin 2Goblin Warchief, Skirk Prospector
17 anti-mill 1 1 Item
anti-mill 1Gaea's Blessing
18 cardfiltering 1 1 Item
cardfiltering 1Opt
19 cost 1 1 Item
cost less 1Goblin Warchief
20 counterspell 1 1 Item
counterspell 1Syncopate
21 manafixing 1 1 Item
manafixing 1Gilded Lotus
22 siren 1 1 Item
siren 1Juggernaut
23 trample 1 1 Item
trample 1Skizzik
24 vanilla 1 1 Item
vanilla 1Fire Elemental
25 vigilance 1 1 Item
vigilance 1Serra Angel

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