[THS] Theros

Set Information
3-Digit-Code for WUBRG / Gatherer:THS / THS
Development Codename:Friends
Set Symbol:

Arcana Link:Arcana THS
Set Properties
Set Properties:Expansion Set
Tournament legal Set
Black Border
New Cardframe
Release Dates
Release Date:27.09.2013
Totals of cards in Theros
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Cardtags for THS
Total Cards:249
Total Cardtags:875
Ø per card:3,51
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Activated Abilities:81
Most frequent Abilities:
14Enchant creature
9Monstrosity 3.
6CARDNAME enters the battlefield tapped.
Card Connections
Current Formats with THS
No current formats
All Formats with THS
1. Legacy 37 Legacy Formats
2. Modern 33 Modern Formats
3. Pauper 11 Pauper Formats
4. Standard 8 Standard Formats
5. Extended 5 Extended Formats
6. Draft 3 Draft Formats
7. Sealed 3 Sealed Formats
8. Block-Constructed 1 Block-Constructed Format
All Formats with this set
Set Rating
Average Rating for THS 14267 Votes
Cards in Rating234 of 249 Cards (94%)
Top 10 Cards in Theros
1. Thoughtseize (R) [THS] 173 Votes
2. Swan Song (R) [THS] 95 Votes
3. Annul (C) [THS] 78 Votes
4. Ashen Rider (MR) [THS] 127 Votes
5. Prophet of Kruphix (R) [THS] 189 Votes
6. Elspeth, Sun's Champion (MR) [THS] 170 Votes
7. Fleecemane Lion (R) [THS] 162 Votes
8. Magma Jet (U) [THS] 99 Votes
9. Hero's Downfall (R) [THS] 129 Votes
10. Stormbreath Dragon (MR) [THS] 124 Votes
Bottom 10 Cards in Theros
249. Flamecast Wheel (U) [THS] 81 Votes
248. Fleshmad Steed (C) [THS] 86 Votes
247. Boulderfall (C) [THS] 79 Votes
246. Vanquish the Foul (U) [THS] 55 Votes
245. Loathsome Catoblepas (C) [THS] 41 Votes
244. Silent Artisan (C) [THS] 40 Votes
243. Shredding Winds (C) [THS] 39 Votes
242. Sip of Hemlock (C) [THS] 46 Votes
241. Ephara's Warden (C) [THS] 61 Votes
240. Anvilwrought Raptor (U) [THS] 45 Votes

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