[MRD] Mirrodin

Set Information
3-Digit-Code for WUBRG / Gatherer:MRD / MRD
Development Codename:Bacon
Set Symbol:Sword of Kaldra

Set Properties
Set Properties:Expansion Set
Tournament legal Set
Black Border
New Cardframe
Release Dates
Release Date:02.10.2003
Totals of cards in Mirrodin
Basic Lands:20
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Cardtags for MRD
Total Cards:306
Total Cardtags:829
Ø per card:2,71
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Activated Abilities:120
Most frequent Abilities:
14Choose one -
8Affinity for artifacts
7Add {C}.
6Draw a card.
6Regenerate CARDNAME.
Card Connections
Current Formats with MRD
No current formats
All Formats with MRD
1. Modern 36 Modern Formats
2. Legacy 34 Legacy Formats
3. Extended 15 Extended Formats
4. Pauper 11 Pauper Formats
All Formats with this set
Set Rating
Average Rating for MRD 15148 Votes
Cards in Rating291 of 306 Cards (95,1%)
Top 10 Cards in Mirrodin
1. Chrome Mox (R) [MRD] 155 Votes
2. Disciple of the Vault (C) [MRD] 243 Votes
3. Goblin Charbelcher (R) [MRD] 149 Votes
4. Glimmervoid (R) [MRD] 113 Votes
5. Pentavus (R) [MRD] 56 Votes
6. Isochron Scepter (U) [MRD] 273 Votes
7. Lightning Greaves (U) [MRD] 138 Votes
8. Solemn Simulacrum (R) [MRD] 111 Votes
9. Pyrite Spellbomb (C) [MRD] 48 Votes
10. Duplicant (R) [MRD] 70 Votes
Bottom 10 Cards in Mirrodin
306. Goblin War Wagon (C) [MRD] 97 Votes
305. Groffskithur (C) [MRD] 31 Votes
304. Loxodon Mender (C) [MRD] 34 Votes
303. Wurmskin Forger (C) [MRD] 55 Votes
302. Titanium Golem (C) [MRD] 35 Votes
301. Goblin Dirigible (U) [MRD] 65 Votes
300. Wanderguard Sentry (C) [MRD] 23 Votes
299. Tower of Champions (R) [MRD] 54 Votes
298. Malachite Golem (C) [MRD] 29 Votes
297. Clockwork Condor (C) [MRD] 42 Votes

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