[EVG] Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins


Set Information
3-Digit-Code for WUBRG / Gatherer:EVG / EVG
Set Symbol:Stylized axe and flame combination symbol

Set Properties
Set Properties:Duel Set


Release Dates
Release Date:16.11.2007

Set Size

Totals of cards in Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins
Basic Lands:2
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Card Tags

Cardtags for EVG
Total Cards:59
Total Cardtags:192
Ø per card:3,25
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Activated Abilities:29
Most frequent Abilities:
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Current Formats with EVG
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1. Legacy 24 Legacy Formats
2. Pauper 5 Pauper Formats
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Set Rating
Average Rating for EVG 2995 Votes
Cards in Rating59 of 59 Cards
Top 10 Cards in Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins
1. Siege-Gang Commander (R) [EVG] 51 Votes
2. Goblin Warchief (U) [EVG] 109 Votes
3. Wellwisher (C) [EVG] 105 Votes
4. Goblin Matron (U) [EVG] 63 Votes
5. Llanowar Elves (C) [EVG] 85 Votes
6. Mogg Fanatic (U) [EVG] 99 Votes
7. Wirewood Lodge (U) [EVG] 54 Votes
8. Imperious Perfect (U) [EVG] 107 Votes
9. Giant Growth (C) [EVG] 78 Votes
10. Mogg War Marshal (C) [EVG] 75 Votes
Bottom 10 Cards in Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins
59. Elvish Eulogist (C) [EVG] 33 Votes
58. Tar Pitcher (U) [EVG] 28 Votes
57. Moonglove Extract (C) [EVG] 42 Votes
56. Elf Warrior (C) [EVG] 31 Votes
55. Wildsize (C) [EVG] 42 Votes
54. Emberwilde Augur (C) [EVG] 43 Votes
53. Flamewave Invoker (U) [EVG] 31 Votes
52. Skirk Drill Sergeant (U) [EVG] 27 Votes
51. Akki Coalflinger (U) [EVG] 41 Votes
50. Goblin Cohort (C) [EVG] 38 Votes

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