[DKA] Dark Ascension


Set Information
3-Digit-Code for WUBRG / Gatherer:DKA / DKA
Development Codename:Rattle
Set Symbol:Stylized bat

Arcana Link:Arcana DKA
Set Properties
Set Properties:Expansion Set
Tournament legal Set
Black Border
New Cardframe


Release Dates
Release Date:03.02.2012

Set Size

Totals of cards in Dark Ascension
Mythic Rares:14
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Card Tags

Cardtags for DKA
Total Cards:171
Total Cardtags:570
Ø per card:3,33
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Activated Abilities:39
Most frequent Abilities:
7At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were cast last turn, transform CARDNAME.
7Enchant creature
7At the beginning of each upkeep, if a player cast two or more spells last turn, transform CARDNAME.
5Enchant player
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Current Formats with DKA
All Formats with DKA
1. Modern 24 Modern Formats
2. Legacy 23 Legacy Formats
3. Extended 12 Extended Formats
4. Standard 7 Standard Formats
5. Pauper 5 Pauper Formats
6. Block-Constructed 2 Block-Constructed Formats
7. Sealed 1 Sealed Format
8. Draft 1 Draft Format
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Set Rating
Average Rating for DKA 14310 Votes
Cards in Rating171 of 171 Cards
Top 10 Cards in Dark Ascension
1. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (R) [DKA] 229 Votes
2. Fling (C) [DKA] 106 Votes
3. Gravecrawler (R) [DKA] 244 Votes
4. Tragic Slip (C) [DKA] 308 Votes
5. Faithless Looting (C) [DKA] 160 Votes
6. Torch Fiend (C) [DKA] 77 Votes
7. Ray of Revelation (C) [DKA] 66 Votes
8. Havengul Lich (MR) [DKA] 201 Votes
9. Young Wolf (C) [DKA] 197 Votes
10. Grafdigger's Cage (R) [DKA] 169 Votes
Bottom 10 Cards in Dark Ascension
171. Favor of the Woods (C) [DKA] 81 Votes
170. Scorch the Fields (C) [DKA] 67 Votes
169. Heavy Mattock (C) [DKA] 86 Votes
168. Archangel's Light (MR) [DKA] 288 Votes
167. Farbog Boneflinger (U) [DKA] 81 Votes
166. Death's Caress (C) [DKA] 77 Votes
165. Wolfhunter's Quiver (U) [DKA] 71 Votes
164. Russet Wolves (C) [DKA] 56 Votes
163. Talons of Falkenrath (C) [DKA] 52 Votes
162. Vengeful Vampire (U) [DKA] 63 Votes

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