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Sliver ( Sliver Legion)

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
1 Cleaving Sliver4Creature
mainMH1CDavid Gaillet
1 Cloudshredder Sliver2Creature
mainMH1RFilip Burburan
1 Dregscape Sliver2Creature
mainMH1UZack Stella
1 Forest0LandmainM21LSteven Belledin
1 Island0LandmainM21LJonas De Ro
1 Metallic Mimic2Artifact Creature
mainAERRZack Stella
1 Mountain0LandmainM21LJonas De Ro
1 Plains0LandmainM21LNils Hamm
1 Swamp0LandmainM21LCliff Childs
1 Savannah0Landmain1ERRob Alexander
1 Tropical Island0Landmain1ERMark Poole
1 Badlands0Landmain1ERRob Alexander
1 Tundra0Landmain1ERJesper Myrfors
1 Demonic Tutor2Sorcery
main1EUDouglas Schuler
1 Swords to Plowshares1Instant
main1EUJeff A. Menges
1 Taiga0Landmain1ERRob Alexander
1 Bayou0Landmain1ERJesper Myrfors
1 Underground Sea0Landmain1ERRob Alexander
1 Plateau0Landmain1ERDrew Tucker
1 Volcanic Island0Landmain2ERBrian Snoddy
1 Scrubland0Landmain1ERJesper Myrfors
1 Fact or Fiction4Instant
mainINUTerese Nielsen
1 Flooded Strand0LandmainONSRRob Alexander
1 Unearth1Sorcery
1 Vindicate3Sorcery
mainAPRBrian Snoddy
1 Windswept Heath0LandmainONSRAnthony S. Waters
1 Wooded Foothills0LandmainONSRRob Alexander
1 Bloodstained Mire0LandmainONSRRob Alexander
1 City of Brass0LandmainANUMark Tedin
1 Diabolic Edict2Instant
mainTECRon Spencer
1 Misty Rainforest0LandmainZENRShelly Wan
1 Heart Sliver2Creature
mainTECRon Spencer
1 Scalding Tarn0LandmainZENRPhilip Straub
1 Verdant Catacombs0LandmainZENRVance Kovacs
1 Arid Mesa0LandmainZENRRaymond Swanland
1 Marsh Flats0LandmainZENRIzzy
1 Sliver Queen5Creature
mainSTRRon Spencer
1 Virulent Sliver1Creature
mainH09CFranz Vohwinkel
1 Crystalline Sliver2Creature
mainSTUL. A. Williams
1 Muscle Sliver2Creature
mainTECRichard Kane Ferguson
1 Winged Sliver2Creature
mainH09CAnthony S. Waters
1 Path to Exile1Instant
mainCONUTodd Lockwood
1 Necrotic Sliver3Creature
mainPLCUDave Allsop
1 Cavern of Souls0LandmainAVRRCliff Childs
1 Hallowed Fountain0LandmainDISRRob Alexander
1 Temple Garden0LandmainRAVRRob Alexander
1 Blood Crypt0LandmainDISRRob Alexander
1 Patriarch's Bidding5Sorcery
mainONSRBen Thompson
1 Sacred Foundry0LandmainRAVRRob Alexander
1 Overgrown Tomb0LandmainRAVRRob Alexander
1 Breeding Pool0LandmainDISRRob Alexander
1 Stomping Ground0LandmainGPTRRob Alexander
1 Godless Shrine0LandmainGPTRRob Alexander
1 Steam Vents0LandmainGPTRRob Alexander
1 Watery Grave0LandmainRAVRRob Alexander
1 Sinew Sliver2Creature
mainPLCCSteven Belledin
1 Sliver Overlord5Creature
mainSCGRTony Szczudlo
1 Harmonic Sliver3Creature
mainTSPULuca Zontini
1 Nature's Claim1Instant
1 Sedge Sliver3Creature
mainTSPRRichard Kane Ferguson
1 Gemhide Sliver2Creature
mainTSPCJohn Matson
1 Sidewinder Sliver1Creature
mainTSPCRon Spencer
1 Talon Sliver2Creature
mainTECMike Raabe
1 Shifting Sliver4Creature
mainLGNUDarrell Riche
1 Horned Sliver3Creature
mainTEUL. A. Williams
1 Magma Sliver4Creature
mainLGNRWayne England
1 Homing Sliver3Creature
mainFUTCTrevor Hairsine
1 Crypt Sliver2Creature
mainLGNCEdward P. Beard, Jr.
1 Plated Sliver1Creature
mainLGNCGreg Staples
1 Acidic Sliver2Creature
mainSTUJeff Miracola
1 Hunter Sliver2Creature
mainLGNCKev Walker
1 Spined Sliver2Creature
mainSTURon Spencer
1 Sliver Hive0LandmainM15RIgor Kieryluk
1 Telekinetic Sliver4Creature
mainTSPURandy Elliott
1 Hibernation Sliver2Creature
mainSTUScott Kirschner
1 Darkheart Sliver2Creature
mainPLCUrk post
1 Sliver Hivelord5Creature
mainM15MRAleksi Briclot
1 Metallic Sliver1Artifact Creature
mainTECL. A. Williams
1 Bonesplitter Sliver4Creature
mainTSPCDany Orizio
1 Manaweft Sliver2Creature
mainM14UTrevor Claxton
1 Clot Sliver2Creature
mainTECJeff Laubenstein
1 Bonescythe Sliver4Creature
mainM14RTrevor Claxton
1 Predatory Sliver2Creature
mainM14CMathias Kollros
1 Blade Sliver3Creature
mainLGNUDavid Martin
1 Galerider Sliver1Creature
mainM14RJames Zapata
1 Sentinel Sliver2Creature
mainM14CMaciej Kuciara
1 Polluted Mire0LandmainUZCStephen Daniele
1 Opaline Sliver3Creature
mainTSPUDave Dorman
1 Victual Sliver2Creature
mainSTUTerese Nielsen
1 Striking Sliver1Creature
mainM14CMaciej Kuciara
1 Frenetic Sliver3Creature
mainPLCULuca Zontini
1 Mindlash Sliver1Creature
mainTSPCJeff Miracola
1 Evasive Action2Instant
mainAPUBrian Snoddy
1 Blur Sliver3Creature
1 Firewake Sliver3Creature
mainTSPUAnthony S. Waters
1 Diffusion Sliver2Creature
mainM15UTrevor Claxton
1 Spinneret Sliver2Creature
mainTSPCMichael Sutfin
1 Syphon Sliver3Creature
mainM14RTyler Jacobson
1 Cautery Sliver2Creature
mainPLCUDany Orizio
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without basic lands
94 Cards

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