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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
1 Akoum Refuge0LandmainC17UFred Fields
1 Asylum Visitor2Creature
mainSOIRBastien L. Deharme
1 Blood Artist2Creature
mainC17UJohannes Voss
1 Bloodfell Caves0LandmainC17CAdam Paquette
1 Cinder Barrens0LandmainOGWUCliff Childs
1 Dragonskull Summit0LandmainXLNRAlayna Danner
1 Falkenrath Gorger1Creature
mainSOIRAnna Steinbauer
1 Falkenrath Noble4Creature
mainC17CSlawomir Maniak
1 Foreboding Ruins0LandmainSOIRAdam Paquette
1 Geier Reach Sanitarium0LandmainEMNRCliff Childs
1 Gifted Aetherborn2Creature
mainAERURyan Yee
1 Grave Upheaval6Sorcery
mainC16UVincent Proce
1 Indulgent Aristocrat1Creature
mainSOIUAnna Steinbauer
5 Mountain0LandmainC17LRebecca Guay
1 Olivia, Mobilized for War3Creature
mainSOIMREric Deschamps
1 Smoldering Marsh0LandmainBFZRAdam Paquette
1 Stensia Banquet3Sorcery
mainEMNCGreg Opalinski
1 Stromkirk Condemned2Creature
mainEMNRMagali Villeneuve
1 Stromkirk Occultist3Creature
mainEMNRMagali Villeneuve
14 Swamp0LandmainC17LRebecca Guay
1 Vicious Conquistador1Creature
mainXLNUKieran Yanner
1 Yahenni, Undying Partisan3Creature
mainAERRLius Lasahido
1 Sol Ring1Artifact
main1EUMark Tedin
1 Go for the Throat2Instant
mainMBSUDavid Rapoza
1 Lightning Greaves2Artifact
mainMRDUJeremy Jarvis
1 Vampire Hexmage2Creature
mainZENUEric Deschamps
1 Bloodghast2Creature
1 Dismember3Instant
mainNPHUTerese Nielsen
1 Sulfurous Springs0Landmain10ERRob Alexander
1 Terminate2Instant
1 Blood Crypt0LandmainDISRRob Alexander
1 Gatekeeper of Malakir2Creature
mainZENUKarl Kopinski
1 Blackcleave Cliffs0LandmainSOMRDave Kendall
1 Vampire Nocturnus4Creature
mainM10MRRaymond Swanland
1 Thought Hemorrhage4Sorcery
1 Graven Cairns0LandmainFUTRAnthony S. Waters
1 Shizo, Death's Storehouse0LandmainCHKRJohn Matson
1 Malakir Bloodwitch5Creature
mainZENRShelly Wan
1 Kalastria Highborn2Creature
mainWWKRD. Alexander Gregory
1 Suffer the Past1Instant
mainROEUTrevor Claxton
1 Blade of the Bloodchief1Artifact
mainZENRJung Park
1 Nirkana Cutthroat3Creature
mainROEUErica Yang
1 Sign in Blood2Sorcery
mainM10CHoward Lyon
1 Sengir Vampire5Creature
mainTORRKev Walker
1 Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep0LandmainCHKRThomas M. Baxa
1 Pawn of Ulamog3Creature
1 Bloodlord of Vaasgoth5Creature
mainM12MRGreg Staples
1 Bloodline Keeper4Creature
mainISDRJason Chan
1 Stromkirk Captain3Creature
mainDKAUJana Schirmer & Johannes Voss
1 Vampire Lacerator1Creature
mainZENCSteve Argyle
1 Blood Tribute6Sorcery
mainZENRAlex Horley-Orlandelli
1 Guul Draz Vampire1Creature
mainZENCSteve Argyle
1 Victim of Night2Instant
mainISDCWinona Nelson
1 Feast of Blood2Sorcery
mainZENUJason Felix
1 Falkenrath Aristocrat4Creature
mainDKAMRIgor Kieryluk
1 Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet7Creature
mainZENMRTodd Lockwood
1 Dark Impostor3Creature
mainAVRRJohannes Voss
1 Stromkirk Noble1Creature
mainISDRJames Ryman
1 Vampire's Bite1Instant
mainZENCChristopher Moeller
1 Exquisite Blood5Enchantment
mainAVRRCynthia Sheppard
1 Sangromancer4Creature
mainMBSRIgor Kieryluk
1 Rakish Heir3Creature
mainISDUWinona Nelson
1 Hideous End3Instant
mainZENCZoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
1 Beseech the Queen6Sorcery
mainSHMUJason Chan
1 Child of Night2Creature
mainM10CAsh Wood
1 Captivating Vampire3Creature
mainM11REric Deschamps
1 Barren Moor0LandmainONSCHeather Hudson
1 Urge to Feed2Instant
mainWWKUJohann Bodin
1 Anowon, the Ruin Sage5Creature
mainWWKRDan Scott
1 Blood Seeker2Creature
mainZENCGreg Staples
1 Act of Treason3Sorcery
mainM10UEric Deschamps
1 Urborg Volcano0Landmain8EDUTony Szczudlo
1 Rakdos Signet2Artifact
mainDISCGreg Hildebrandt
1 Bloodhusk Ritualist3Creature
1 Vampiric Fury2Instant
mainISDCMatt Stewart
1 Lavaclaw Reaches0LandmainWWKRVéronique Meignaud
1 Falkenrath Exterminator2Creature
mainAVRUWinona Nelson
1 Vivid Marsh0LandmainLRWUJohn Avon
1 Vein Drinker6Creature
mainALARLars Grant-West
1 Bloodcrazed Neonate2Creature
mainISDCCynthia Sheppard
1 Furor of the Bitten1Enchantment
mainISDCRandy Gallegos
1 Bloodflow Connoisseur3Creature
mainAVRCSlawomir Maniak
1 Stensia Bloodhall0LandmainISDRJohn Avon
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