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Highlander White Weenie

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
1 Kytheon, Hero of Akros1Creature
mainORIMRWillian Murai
28 Plains0LandmainM21LNils Hamm
1 Swords to Plowshares1Instant
main1EUJeff A. Menges
1 Mishra's Factory0LandmainAQRKaja & Phil Foglio
1 Maze of Ith0LandmainDKUAnson Maddocks
1 Mother of Runes1Creature
mainGUUScott M. Fischer
1 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben2Creature
mainDKARJana Schirmer & Johannes Voss
1 Relic of Progenitus1Artifact
mainALACJean-Sébastien Rossbach
1 Lightning Greaves2Artifact
mainMRDUJeremy Jarvis
1 Sword of Fire and Ice3Artifact
mainDSTRMark Zug
1 Sword of Light and Shadow3Artifact
mainDSTRMark Zug
1 Karakas0LandmainLEUNicola Leonard
1 Soltari Priest2Creature
mainTEUJanet Aulisio
1 Disenchant2Instant
mainMMCAdam Rex
1 Stoneforge Mystic2Creature
mainWWKRMike Bierek
1 Student of Warfare1Creature
mainROERVolkan Baga
1 Exalted Angel6Creature
mainONSRMichael Sutfin
1 Silver Knight2Creature
mainSCGUEric Peterson
1 Basilisk Collar1Artifact
mainWWKRHoward Lyon
1 Longbow Archer2Creature
mainVIUEric Peterson
1 Dawn Elemental4Creature
mainSCGRAnthony S. Waters
1 Wrath of God4Sorcery
main10ERKev Walker
1 Worship4Enchantment
main7ERrk post
1 Dryad Militant1Creature
mainRTRUTerese Nielsen
1 White Knight2Creature
mainM10UChristopher Moeller
1 Mirror Entity3Creature
mainLRWRZoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
1 Soul Warden1Creature
mainEXCRandy Gallegos
1 Judge's Familiar1Creature
mainRTRUJack Wang
1 Oblivion Ring3Enchantment
mainLRWCWayne England
1 Path to Exile1Instant
mainCONUTodd Lockwood
1 Wing Shards3Instant
mainSCGUDaren Bader
1 Savannah Lions1Creature
main1ERDaniel Gelon
1 Zuran Orb0Artifact
mainMEDUSandra Everingham
1 Seal of Cleansing2Enchantment
mainNECChristopher Moeller
1 Samurai of the Pale Curtain2Creature
mainCHKUChristopher Moeller
1 Elite Vanguard1Creature
mainM10UMark Tedin
1 Hero of Bladehold4Creature
mainMBSMRAustin Hsu
1 True Believer2Creature
mainONSRAlex Horley-Orlandelli
1 Isamaru, Hound of Konda1Creature
mainCHKRChristopher Moeller
1 Paladin en-Vec3Creature
mainEXRRandy Elliott
1 Harm's Way1Instant
mainM10UDan Scott
1 White Shield Crusader2Creature
mainCSPUJeff Easley
1 Knight of the Holy Nimbus2Creature
mainTSPUWayne England
1 Kitchen Finks3Creature
mainSHMUKev Walker
1 Knight of Meadowgrain2Creature
mainLRWULarry MacDougall
1 Armageddon4Sorcery
mainP3RRob Alexander
1 Ronom Unicorn2Creature
mainCSPCCarl Critchlow
1 Raise the Alarm2Instant
mainMRDCJohn Matson
1 Commander Eesha4Creature
mainJUDRRebecca Guay
1 Honor of the Pure2Enchantment
mainM10RGreg Staples
1 Brave the Elements1Instant
mainZENUGoran Josic
1 Eight-and-a-Half-Tails2Creature
mainCHKRDaren Bader
1 Mirran Crusader3Creature
mainMBSREric Deschamps
1 Molten-Tail Masticore4Artifact Creature
mainSOMMRWhit Brachna
1 Eiganjo Castle0LandmainCHKRWayne England
1 Frontline Medic3Creature
mainGTCRWillian Murai
1 Emeria, the Sky Ruin0LandmainZENRJaime Jones
1 Journey to Nowhere2Enchantment
mainZENCWarren Mahy
1 Silverblade Paladin3Creature
mainAVRRJason Chan
1 Quicksand0LandmainVIURoger Raupp
1 Kor Skyfisher2Creature
mainZENCDan Scott
1 Guardian of the Guildpact4Creature
mainDISCFred Hooper
1 Secluded Steppe0LandmainONSCHeather Hudson
1 Kor Aeronaut2Creature
mainZENUKarl Kopinski
1 Kor Firewalker2Creature
mainWWKUMatt Stewart
1 Windbrisk Heights0LandmainLRWROmar Rayyan
1 Marshal's Anthem4Enchantment
mainWWKRMatt Stewart
1 Soldier of the Pantheon1Creature
mainTHSREric Deschamps
1 Ajani, Caller of the Pride3Planeswalker
mainM13MRD. Alexander Gregory
1 Imposing Sovereign2Creature
mainM14RScott M. Fischer
1 Suntail Hawk1Creature
mainJUDCHeather Hudson
1 Akrasan Squire1Creature
mainALACTodd Lockwood
1 Spear of Heliod3Artifact Enchantment
mainTHSRYeong-Hao Han
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