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Secret of Mana

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
7 Island0LandmainRNALEytan Zana
1 Mage-Ring Responder7Artifact Creature
sideORIRAdam Paquette
1 Darksteel Colossus11Artifact Creature
mainDSTRCarl Critchlow
1 Wurmcoil Engine6Artifact Creature
mainSOMMRRaymond Swanland
2 Trinket Mage3Creature
main5DNCMark A. Nelson
2 Memnarch7Artifact Creature
mainDSTRCarl Critchlow
2 Inkwell Leviathan9Artifact Creature
mainCONRAnthony Francisco
1 Steel Hellkite6Artifact Creature
mainSOMRJames Paick
2 Counterspell2Instant
mainMMCGao Yan
1 Solemn Simulacrum4Artifact Creature
mainMRDRGreg Staples
1 Tezzeret the Seeker5Planeswalker
mainALAMRAnthony Francisco
4 Master of Etherium3Artifact Creature
mainALARMatt Cavotta
1 Academy Ruins0LandmainTSPRZoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
4 Darksteel Citadel0Artifact LandmainDSTCJohn Avon
4 Seat of the Synod0Artifact LandmainMRDCJohn Avon
4 Cloudpost0LandmainMRDCMartina Pilcerova
2 Thoughtcast5Sorcery
mainMRDCGreg Hildebrandt
2 Tolaria West0LandmainFUTUKhang Le
1 Darksteel Forge9Artifact
mainDSTRMartina Pilcerova
2 Wash Out4Sorcery
mainINUMatthew D. Wilson
1 Vedalken Archmage4Creature
mainMRDRKev Walker
3 Grand Architect3Creature
mainSOMRSteven Belledin
2 Myr Matrix5Artifact
mainDSTRMark Tedin
1 Stuffy Doll5Artifact Creature
sideTSPRDave Allsop
2 Amulet of Vigor1Artifact
mainWWKRWarren Mahy
1 Rite of Replication4Sorcery
mainZENRMatt Cavotta
2 Trading Post4Artifact
mainM13RAdam Paquette
1 Foresee4Sorcery
mainFUTCRon Spears
2 Soul of New Phyrexia6Artifact Creature
1 Thespian's Stage0LandmainGTCRJohn Avon
1 Esperzoa3Artifact Creature
sideCONUWarren Mahy
3 Expedition Map1Artifact
mainZENCFranz Vohwinkel
2 Ichor Wellspring2Artifact
sideMBSCSteven Belledin
2 Prophetic Prism2Artifact
mainROECJohn Avon
1 Psychosis Crawler5Artifact Creature
sideMBSRStephan Martiniere
1 Unwinding Clock4Artifact
mainNPHRMike Bierek
1 Reliquary Tower0LandmainCONUJesper Ejsing
4 Glimmerpost0LandmainSOMCMatt Cavotta
1 Thought Dissector4Artifact
sideDSTRMatt Cavotta
1 Colossus of Akros8Artifact Creature
sideTHSRZack Stella
1 Mirrorworks5Artifact
mainMBSRJohn Avon
1 Mind Spring2Sorcery
mainMORRMark Zug
1 Tower of Fortunes4Artifact
sideMRDRMatt Cavotta
1 Pilgrim's Eye3Artifact Creature
mainWWKCDan Scott
1 Inundate6Sorcery
sideEVERMark Zug
1 Tower of Eons4Artifact
sideMRDRJohn Avon
1 Tower of Calamities4Artifact
sideSOMRAleksi Briclot
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without basic lands
78 Cards

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