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Rogue-Deck v1.5

Casual | 29.07.2014 | atog28
Main [60]
7 Swamp
4 Underground River
4 River of Tears
6 Island

1 Prickly Boggart
3 Nightshade Stinger
3 Triton Shorestalker
2 Unsummon

2 Hands of Binding
1 Military Intelligence
2 Sygg, River Cutthroat
4 Oona's Blackguard
3 Oona's Prowler
3 Looter il-Kor

2 Deathcult Rogue

2 Notorious Throng
2 Distant Melody
4 Stinkdrinker Bandit
4 Morsel Theft

1 Earwig Squad

Info [2109]
This is not the latest Version of this deck!

Card Types
26 Creature (43,3%)
21 Land (35%)
10 Sorcery (16,7%)
6 Tribal (10%)
2 Instant (3,3%)
1 Enchantment (1,7%)


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