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Conley Woods's Rogue Eggs - Modern

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
4 Island0LandmainRNALEytan Zana
1 Plains0LandmainRNALTitus Lunter
3 Echoing Truth2Instant
sideDSTCGreg Staples
1 Pyrite Spellbomb1Artifact
sideMRDCJim Nelson
1 Defense Grid2Artifact
sideGURMark Tedin
4 Darksteel Citadel0Artifact LandmainDSTCJohn Avon
4 Thoughtcast5Sorcery
mainMRDCGreg Hildebrandt
1 Nihil Spellbomb1Artifact
sideSOMCFranz Vohwinkel
4 Krark-Clan Ironworks4Artifact
main5DNUTim Hildebrandt
3 Silence1Instant
sideM10RWayne Reynolds
1 Banefire1Sorcery
mainCONRRaymond Swanland
1 Tormod's Crypt0Artifact
sideDKUChristopher Rush
2 Torpor Orb2Artifact
sideNPHRSvetlin Velinov
2 Spellskite2Artifact Creature
3 Adarkar Wastes0LandmainIARMike Raabe
3 Ghost Quarter0LandmainDISUHeather Hudson
4 Mox Opal0Artifact
mainSOMMRVolkan Baga
1 Buried Ruin0LandmainM12UFranz Vohwinkel
3 Open the Vaults6Sorcery
mainM10RBrian Despain
2 Lotus Bloom0ArtifactmainTSPRMark Zug
1 Grafdigger's Cage1Artifact
sideDKARDaniel Ljunggren
4 Faith's Reward4Instant
mainM13RRaymond Swanland
1 Mind Stone2Artifact
mainWLCAdam Rex
4 Ichor Wellspring2Artifact
mainMBSCSteven Belledin
4 Reshape2Sorcery
mainDSTRJon Foster
4 Chromatic Star1Artifact
mainTSPCAlex Horley-Orlandelli
4 Terrarion1Artifact
mainRAVCLuca Zontini
1 Codex Shredder1Artifact
mainRTRUJason Felix
4 Chromatic Sphere1Artifact
mainMRDCBrian Snoddy
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70 Cards

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