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Five-Color Deadguy -

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
2 Swamp0LandmainRNALAdam Paquette
4 Gemstone Mine0LandmainWLUBrom
4 Incinerate2Instant
mainIACMark Poole
4 Wasteland0LandmainTEUUna Fricker
4 City of Brass0LandmainANUMark Tedin
4 Cursed Scroll1Artifact
mainTERD. Alexander Gregory
1 Kaervek's Torch1Sorcery
mainMICJohn Coulthart
4 Mogg Fanatic1Creature
4 River Boa2Creature
mainVICSteve White
4 Dauthi Slayer2Creature
mainTECDermot Power
4 Sulfurous Springs0Landmain10ERRob Alexander
4 Karplusan Forest0LandmainIARNicola Leonard
1 Fireball1Sorcery
mainDSTUDave Dorman
2 Uktabi Orangutan3Creature
mainVIUUna Fricker
4 Dauthi Horror2Creature
mainTECJeff Laubenstein
4 Jackal Pup1Creature
mainTEUSusan Van Camp
2 Suq'Ata Lancer3Creature
mainVICJeff Miracola
4 Shock1Instant
mainSTCRandy Gallegos
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without basic lands
58 Cards

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