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Metallic Dreams

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
1 Forest0LandmainRNALEytan Zana
8 Island0LandmainRNALEytan Zana
3 Plains0LandmainRNALTitus Lunter
3 Swamp0LandmainRNALAdam Paquette
1 Thirst for Knowledge3Instant
mainHOPUBen Thompson
1 Pentavus7Artifact Creature
mainMRDRGreg Staples
2 Mountain0LandmainPOLBrian Durfee
1 Cranial Plating2Artifact
main5DNCAdam Rex
1 Master of Etherium3Artifact Creature
mainALARMatt Cavotta
1 Vedalken Engineer2Creature
mainHOPCLars Grant-West
1 Great Furnace0Artifact LandmainMRDCRob Alexander
2 Seat of the Synod0Artifact LandmainMRDCJohn Avon
1 Vault of Whispers0Artifact LandmainHOPCRob Alexander
1 Ancient Den0Artifact LandmainMRDCRob Alexander
2 Myr Enforcer7Artifact Creature
mainMRDCGreg Staples
1 Darksteel Forge9Artifact
mainDSTRMartina Pilcerova
1 Arcbound Crusher4Artifact Creature
mainDSTUMichael Sutfin
1 Broodstar10Creature
mainMRDRGlen Angus
1 Bosh, Iron Golem8Artifact Creature
2 Pentad Prism2Artifact
main5DNCDavid Martin
1 Door to Nothingness5Artifact
1 Fabricate3Sorcery
mainMRDUGlen Angus
1 Lodestone Myr4Artifact Creature
mainMRDRGreg Staples
1 Tree of Tales0Artifact LandmainHOPCJohn Avon
2 Skeleton Shard3Artifact
mainMRDUDoug Chaffee
1 Loxodon Warhammer3Artifact
mainMRDUJeremy Jarvis
1 Qumulox8Creature
main5DNUCarl Critchlow
1 Wizard Replica3Artifact Creature
mainHOPCCarl Critchlow
1 Whiplash Trap5Instant
mainZENCZoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
1 Arcbound Slith2Artifact Creature
mainDSTUVance Kovacs
2 Etched Oracle4Artifact Creature
main5DNUMatt Cavotta
1 Keep Watch3Instant
mainJUDCFred Rahmqvist
1 Silver Myr2Artifact Creature
mainMRDCKev Walker
1 Nuisance Engine3Artifact
mainMRDUStephen Tappin
1 Gold Myr2Artifact Creature
mainMRDCKev Walker
1 Leaden Myr2Artifact Creature
mainMRDCKev Walker
1 Iron Myr2Artifact Creature
mainMRDCKev Walker
1 Serum Tank3Artifact
mainMRDUCorey D. Macourek
1 Sludge Strider4Artifact Creature
mainCONUFranz Vohwinkel
1 Arsenal Thresher4Artifact Creature
mainARBCRalph Horsley
1 Copper Myr2Artifact Creature
mainMRDCKev Walker
1 Sarcomite Myr3Artifact Creature
mainHOPCMichael Bruinsma
1 Suntouched Myr3Artifact Creature
mainHOPCGreg Hildebrandt
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without basic lands
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