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Child of Alara

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
2 Forest0LandmainGRNLRichard Wright
2 Island0LandmainGRNLRichard Wright
3 Plains0LandmainGRNLRichard Wright
2 Swamp0LandmainGRNLRichard Wright
1 Temple Garden0LandmainGRNRTitus Lunter
1 Swords to Plowshares1Instant
main1EUJeff A. Menges
1 Regrowth2Sorcery
main1EUDameon Willich
1 Sol Ring1Artifact
main1EUMark Tedin
1 Brainstorm1Instant
mainIACChristopher Rush
1 Darksteel Ingot3Artifact
mainDSTCMartina Pilcerova
1 Pyroclasm2Sorcery
mainPORJohn Matson
1 Karn, Silver Golem5Artifact Creature
mainUZRMark Zug
1 Propaganda3Enchantment
mainTEUJeff Miracola
2 Mountain0LandmainPOLBrian Durfee
1 Doom Blade2Instant
1 Solemn Simulacrum4Artifact Creature
mainMRDRGreg Staples
1 Mana Leak2Instant
mainSTCChristopher Rush
1 Living Death5Sorcery
mainTERCharles Gillespie
1 Reins of Power4Instant
mainSTRColin MacNeil
1 Caves of Koilos0LandmainAPRJim Nelson
1 Wrath of God4Sorcery
main10ERKev Walker
1 Howling Mine2Artifact
mainM10RRalph Horsley
1 Revoke Existence2Sorcery
mainSOMCAllen Williams
1 Wooded Bastion0LandmainSHMRChristopher Moeller
1 Sulfurous Springs0Landmain10ERRob Alexander
1 Oblivion Ring3Enchantment
mainLRWCWayne England
1 Path to Exile1Instant
mainCONUTodd Lockwood
1 False Prophet4Creature
mainCGREric Peterson
1 Reflecting Pool0LandmainTERAdam Rex
1 Hallowed Fountain0LandmainDISRRob Alexander
1 Shivan Reef0LandmainAPRRob Alexander
1 Yavimaya Coast0Landmain10ERAnthony S. Waters
1 Consuming Vapors4Sorcery
mainROERTrevor Claxton
1 Razorverge Thicket0LandmainSOMRJames Paick
1 Sacred Foundry0LandmainRAVRRob Alexander
1 Overgrown Tomb0LandmainRAVRRob Alexander
1 Mulldrifter5Creature
mainLRWCEric Fortune
1 Godless Shrine0LandmainGPTRRob Alexander
1 Wall of Omens2Creature
mainROEUJames Paick
1 Steam Vents0LandmainGPTRRob Alexander
1 Watery Grave0LandmainRAVRRob Alexander
1 Bogardan Hellkite8Creature
mainTSPRScott M. Fischer
1 Battlefield Forge0LandmainAPRDarrell Riche
1 Kitchen Finks3Creature
mainSHMUKev Walker
1 Progenitus10Creature
mainCONMRJaime Jones
1 Legacy Weapon7Artifact
mainAPRJohn Avon
1 Rite of Replication4Sorcery
mainZENRMatt Cavotta
1 Day of Judgment4Sorcery
mainZENRVincent Proce
1 Perilous Myr2Artifact Creature
mainSOMCJason Felix
1 Ghostly Prison3Enchantment
mainCHKULars Grant-West
1 Veteran Explorer1Creature
mainWLUDavid A. Cherry
1 Hallowed Burial5Sorcery
mainEVERDave Kendall
1 Kodama's Reach3Sorcery
mainCHKCHeather Hudson
1 Elixir of Immortality1Artifact
mainM11UZoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
1 Austere Command6Sorcery
mainLRWRWayne England
1 Temple Bell3Artifact
mainM11RMark Tedin
1 Temple of the False God0LandmainSCGUBrian Snoddy
1 Back to Nature2Instant
mainM11UHoward Lyon
1 Crystal Shard3Artifact
mainMRDUDoug Chaffee
1 Elspeth Tirel5Planeswalker
mainSOMMRMichael Komarck
1 Mind Stone2Artifact
mainWLCAdam Rex
1 Mystifying Maze0LandmainM11RRobh Ruppel
1 Black Sun's Zenith2Sorcery
mainMBSRDaniel Ljunggren
1 Secluded Steppe0LandmainONSCHeather Hudson
1 Terramorphic Expanse0LandmainM10CDan Scott
1 Fracturing Gust5Instant
mainSHMRMichael Sutfin
1 Sunpetal Grove0LandmainM10RJason Chan
1 Acidic Slime5Creature
mainM10UKarl Kopinski
1 Glacial Fortress0LandmainM10RFranz Vohwinkel
1 Prophetic Prism2Artifact
mainROECJohn Avon
1 Rites of Flourishing3Enchantment
mainFUTRBrandon Kitkouski
1 Beseech the Queen6Sorcery
mainSHMUJason Chan
1 Pull from Eternity1Instant
mainTSPURon Spears
1 Fellwar Stone2Artifact
mainDKUQuinton Hoover
1 Time Reversal5Sorcery
mainM11MRHoward Lyon
1 Etched Oracle4Artifact Creature
main5DNUMatt Cavotta
1 Corrupted Conscience5Enchantment
mainMBSUJason Chan
1 Planar Cleansing6Sorcery
mainM10RMichael Komarck
1 Savage Lands0LandmainALAUVance Kovacs
1 Reliquary Tower0LandmainCONUJesper Ejsing
1 Creeping Corrosion4Sorcery
mainMBSRRyan Pancoast
1 Alloy Myr3Artifact Creature
mainNPHUMatt Cavotta
1 Crumbling Necropolis0LandmainALAUDave Kendall
1 Mycosynth Wellspring2Artifact
mainNPHCDavid Rapoza
1 Vivid Meadow0LandmainLRWURob Alexander
1 Blue Sun's Zenith3Instant
1 Obelisk of Alara6Artifact
mainCONRJeremy Jarvis
1 Font of Mythos4Artifact
mainCONRDave Allsop
1 Mondronen Shaman4Creature
mainDKARMike Sass
1 Child of Alara5Creature
mainCONMRSteve Argyle
1 Exotic Orchard0LandmainCONRSteven Belledin
1 Mistveil Plains0LandmainSHMURob Alexander
1 Armillary Sphere2Artifact
mainCONCFranz Vohwinkel
1 main
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without basic lands
89 Cards

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