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INS Draft White Weenie

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CardnameCMCCard typeMana costRating ▲ExpRarityArtist
1 Fortress Crab4Creature
sideM20CVincent Proce
13 Plains0LandmainM20LZoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
2 Swamp0LandmainM20LCliff Childs
1 Ghost Quarter0LandsideDISUHeather Hudson
1 Forbidden Alchemy3Instant
sideISDCDavid Rapoza
2 Doomed Traveler1Creature
mainISDCLars Grant-West
1 Ambush Viper2Creature
sideISDCAlan Pollack
1 Inquisitor's Flail2Artifact
mainISDURob Alexander
1 Diregraf Ghoul1Creature
sideISDUDave Kendall
1 Tribute to Hunger3Instant
mainISDUDave Kendall
1 Dead Weight1Enchantment
mainISDCRandy Gallegos
1 Bonds of Faith2Enchantment
mainISDCSteve Argyle
1 Think Twice2Instant
sideTSPCJim Nelson
2 Unruly Mob2Creature
mainISDCRyan Pancoast
2 Ghostly Possession3Enchantment
sideISDCHoward Lyon
1 Paraselene3Sorcery
sideISDURyan Yee
1 Purify the Grave1Instant
sideISDUDrew Baker
1 Mausoleum Guard4Creature
mainISDUDavid Palumbo
2 Thraben Sentry4Creature
mainISDCDavid Rapoza
2 Silverchase Fox2Creature
mainISDCHoward Lyon
1 Voiceless Spirit3Creature
1 Ghoulraiser3Creature
sideISDCSteve Prescott
1 Galvanic Juggernaut4Artifact Creature
mainISDULucas Graciano
1 Selfless Cathar1Creature
mainISDCSlawomir Maniak
1 Gallows Warden5Creature
mainISDUDan Scott
1 Wooden Stake2Artifact
mainISDCDavid Palumbo
1 Urgent Exorcism2Instant
sideISDCSvetlin Velinov
1 Avacynian Priest2Creature
mainISDCGreg Staples
1 Kindercatch6Creature
sideISDCTerese Nielsen
1 Geistcatcher's Rig6Artifact Creature
mainISDUVincent Proce
2 Ghoulcaller's Bell1Artifact
sideISDCLars Grant-West
1 Rotting Fensnake4Creature
sideISDCTomasz Jedruszek
3 Smite the Monstrous4Instant
mainISDCJason Felix
1 Graveyard Shovel2Artifact
sideISDUMartina Pilcerova
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without basic lands
40 Cards

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