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397Lightning Bolt show 102 decks 3,89
348Misty Rainforest show 112 decks 3,11
305Verdant Catacombs show 80 decks 3,81
280Scalding Tarn show 82 decks 3,41
265Path to Exile show 91 decks 2,91
265Thoughtseize show 100 decks 2,65
230Snapcaster Mage show 68 decks 3,38
204Steam Vents show 78 decks 2,62
199Serum Visions show 51 decks 3,9
197Tarmogoyf show 50 decks 3,94
192Arid Mesa show 63 decks 3,05
192Marsh Flats show 63 decks 3,05
165Remand show 54 decks 3,06
157Abrupt Decay show 73 decks 2,15
153Inquisition of Kozilek show 56 decks 2,73
150Kitchen Finks show 51 decks 2,94
149Birds of Paradise show 38 decks 3,92
146Dark Confidant show 37 decks 3,95
142Spellskite show 93 decks 1,53
137Noble Hierarch show 41 decks 3,34

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