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1546Force of Will show 414 decks 3,73
1438Brainstorm show 360 decks 3,99
1416Wasteland show 392 decks 3,61
983Tarmogoyf show 252 decks 3,9
954Swords to Plowshares show 254 decks 3,76
896Daze show 256 decks 3,5
891Misty Rainforest show 296 decks 3,01
771Spell Pierce show 314 decks 2,46
752Krosan Grip show 320 decks 2,35
700Tropical Island show 253 decks 2,77
672Flooded Strand show 227 decks 2,96
666Ponder show 207 decks 3,22
603Windswept Heath show 196 decks 3,08
589Polluted Delta show 207 decks 2,85
553Lightning Bolt show 145 decks 3,81
543Scalding Tarn show 191 decks 2,84
541AEther Vial show 136 decks 3,98
541Relic of Progenitus show 249 decks 2,17
506Tormod's Crypt show 262 decks 1,93
475Underground Sea show 176 decks 2,7

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