Scroll of Avacyn

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AVR Avacyn Restored

{1}, Sacrifice Scroll of Avacyn: Draw a card. If you control an Angel, you gain 5 life.
Words to bless the eye that reads them, telling of a future beyond the reach of fear.

Card #220
Artist: Cliff Childs
Release: 05/2012
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German nameAvacyns Schriftrolle

Card Tags / Ties

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carddraw, lifegain, sacrifice itself, tribal angel
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{1}, Sacrifice CARDNAME:Draw a card. If you control an Angel, you gain 5 life.
No other Cards with this set of ability / activation cost.
{1}, Sacrifice CARDNAME:
Other Cards with this activation cost:*
Aether Spellbomb
, Bottle of Suleiman
, Crosis's Attendant
, Culling Dais
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, Grave-Shell Scarab
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, Sterling Grove
Draw a card. If you control an Angel, you gain 5 life.
No other Cards with this ability.
* maximum of 20 other cards shown

Decks with Scroll of Avacyn

Commander1 Commander-Deck
Draft1 Draft-Deck
Limited:other1 Limited:other-Deck
Product1 Product-Deck
Sealed2 Sealed-Decks

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