Catalyst Elemental

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M19 Magic 2019 Core Set
Creature - Elemental

Sacrifice Catalyst Elemental: Add {R}{R}.
As the hyperstormic generator crept past redline, a being emerged from the arc.

Card #132
Artist: Deruchenko Alexander
Release: 07/2018
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German nameKatalysierendes Elementarwesen

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Sacrifice CARDNAME:Add {R}{R}.
Other Cards with this set of ability / activation cost:*
Tinder Wall
Sacrifice CARDNAME:
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Aerie Ouphes
, Ajani's Aid
, Alchemist's Apprentice
, Amateur Auteur
, Angelic Shield
, Atzocan Seer
, Augur il-Vec
, Augur of Skulls
, Aura of Silence
, Aven Augur
, Benevolent Bodyguard
, Bile Urchin
, Blood Pet
, Blood Vassal
, Bloodpyre Elemental
, Bottle Gnomes
, Brain Weevil
, Brass-Talon Chimera
, Briar Shield
, Brindle Boar
Add {R}{R}.
Other Cards with this ability:*
Chandra, Torch of Defiance
, Dwarven Ruins
, Krark-Clan Stoker
, Tinder Wall
* maximum of 20 other cards shown
Identical Cards (with matching abilities)
Add {R}{R}.Tinder Wall
, Krark-Clan Stoker
, Dwarven Ruins
, Chandra, Torch of Defiance

(4 identical cards)

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