Basal Thrull

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MED Masters EditionFE Fallen Empires
Creature - Thrull

{T}, Sacrifice Basal Thrull: Add {B}{B}.
Initially bred for sacrifice, the thrulls eventually turned on their masters, the Order of the Ebon Hand, with gruesome results.

Card #59
Artist: Kaja Foglio
Release: 09/2007
Creature - Thrull

{T}, Sacrifice Basal Thrull: Add {B}{B}.
"To create the first Thrulls, I only introduced alchemic elements into the Order's necromancy; Tourach's principles remained unchanged."

Card #59
Artist: Richard Kane Ferguson
Release: 11/1994
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mana B, sacrifice itself
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{T}, Sacrifice CARDNAME:Add {B}{B}.
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{T}, Sacrifice CARDNAME:
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Add {B}{B}.
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Add {B}{B}.Phyrexian Tower
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